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Profix Power Flushing Rochdale

Profix Ltd are able to offer a competitive power flushing service to customers within Rochdale and the neighbouring areas.

The whole process can usually be completed within a day. This means that we can restore your radiators to their former glory.

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Power Flushing Explained

Once a central heating system has been running in your home for some time, the efficiency can become greatly reduced by the addition of erosion and sludge/scale deposits in pipes and radiators and, after a while, you may notice cold spots on your radiators, or your boiler making a lot of unusual noises.
These are often telltale signs that your heating system is in desperate need of a thorough and professional power flushing service.

Many properties throughout Rochdale date back many years and have probably seen a world war, perhaps both!
This means is that there’s a very good chance that your central heating system could well be in need of a proper power flushing service, especially if you have noticed any of the tell tale signs mentioned above.

The Benefits of Power Flushing.

Power flushing is a quick and convenient service, as it only requires one visit, and yields immediate noticeable results.

After a thorough power flush, you are likely to benefit from:

  • Reduced heating times in rooms around the home
  • Reduced heating costs and energy bills
  • Extended lifespan of radiators and boilers
  • Reduced boiler noise
  • Improved water circulation…and more!

An additional benefit of power flushing is that money can be saved by making the most out of your current system which will save a great amount of money on a potential new system.

If you have any questions regarding our power flushing service please contact us directly on 0161 714 4418.

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