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Landlord Safety Certificates Rochdale

Profix Ltd are fully qualified to provide gas safety certificates to landlords and commercial property owners in Rochdale, Bury and the surrounding areas.

Fault finding and ensuring a property is gas safe can be an extremely stressful period for a landlord, as one fault could potentially stop them from renting it out to prospective tenants.
Here at Profix Ltd, we remove all of the stress from this process, as our qualified, Rochdale based professionals will thoroughly check the property and recommend any changes that need to be made, at an affordable and competitive price.

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Gas Safe Certificates – Peace Of Mind!

Our safety checks are performed in a quick and timely fashion which will allow property owners to rest assured that everything is safe.

Once we are satisfied that everything is up to scratch, we will give provide the gas safety certificate that proves the property is completely safe in this department.
Get in touch with us by calling 0161 714 4418 to begin the process of being awarded a gas safety certificate for your property.

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