During the colder months, when you start to turn your central heating on again to avoid the winter chill, you may suffer some difficulties with your radiators, especially if they haven’t been regularly maintained. One of the main problems reported by homeowners is a distinct hissing sound, which could be a serious problem.  So, What To Do When Your Radiator Makes Hissing Sounds?

Here at Profix ltd, we’re going to diagnose this issue and tell you how to fix it in a number of easy to follow steps.

If your radiator is making a hissing sound, there are two possible problems with it.

The first is that single direction thermostatic radiator valves may be pointed the wrong way, with the water flow going in the wrong direction. You can see how the valve has been installed by looking at the arrow printed on it. This arrow should always be pointing in the direction of flow.

You can rectify this problem with the simple installation of an auto bypass valve. This will regulate the flow of water through bypass circuits, which will help it to go in the correct direction.

Another problem that people often report is a gushing sound coming from their radiator. This may be the result of debris building up inside the radiator and blocking it.

You can fix this problem by getting one of our qualified heating engineers to perform a power flush.

A power flush is the process of running a water-based solution through your central heating, which will, in turn, get rid of all the debris that has built up inside by pushing it out of the system completely.

Please view our power flushing services.


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