Lock in the Heat this Winter with Profix Ltd!


It’s no secret that heating and energy bills skyrocket during the Autumn and Winter months, and with heating costs regularly on the rise, millions across the UK are looking for new ways to cut costs on their bills.

While searching for a new supplier could certainly save you money, there are a few great tips and products you can make use of to reduce heating costs considerably and lock in the warmth during the colder months regardless of who your supplier is.

Here’s a list of our best tips for keeping in the heat this year!

Eliminate Gaps

When the cold wind is blowing, any small gaps around your doors could be costing you a fortune in heating bills by lowering the temperature of the house dramatically.

To avoid this, there are many different types of ‘draught-proofing’ that you can take advantage of, such as having a rubber seal installed around your door and letterbox. This is a great way of keeping the cold air and rain from creeping into your home!

Stay in Control

The real secret to saving money on your heating bills is the temperature0 control system you are using.

While these systems can come in a wide range of sophisticated models, at the bare minimum you should look to have a time programmer, a room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves. If you don’t have these, speak to the team at Profix Ltd today for expert help and advice.

For extra savings, try turning down your heating by just 1 degree, you’ll be shocked to see how much this can save you throughout a year, and you’ll barely notice the difference in temperature!

Lock the Heat In

If you have your heating system installed by Profix Ltd, there will be no doubt that your system will be efficiently radiating heat throughout your home, however to stop the heat escaping quickly, you may want to look into options such as insulation and double glazing.

If you still have older metal-framed windows with single glazing, they are most likely costing you a huge amount in heating expenses due to the amount of warmth that can escape through them. Similarly, roofs and cavity walling that lack insulation are a common cause of overspending on heating bills.

Be sure to have both insulation and double glazing fitted as soon as possible, the amount you will save on heating bills will cover the cost of the windows and insulation in a matter of years.

So there are our top three tips for locking the heat in your home and saving a huge amount on heating costs this winter. Be sure to check back on the Profix Ltd blog soon for more fantastic tips, guides and news!



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