At Profix Ltd, our trained and qualified expert plumbers provide customers with professionally fitted plumbing every day. Be it a bathroom/kitchen renovation or simply a repair made to an existing system, the Profix Plumbing team have the skills, experience and know-how to install or repair any system!

It stands to reason then, that we have picked up some incredibly useful water-saving tips over the years, which allow those who use them to save a ton on water and heating each year simply by making a few changes to their habits.

Here we’ll share the first lot of tips and tricks with you so you can begin your journey to becoming water, energy and money-saving genius!

Kitchen Tips with Profix Ltd

Washing vegetables is important to ensure any dirt or trace of chemicals are removed from the produce, however running the tab and cleaning your fruit and veg under the stream can waste an extraordinary amount of water each year. Simply fill a large bowl or clean washbowl with water and use it to rinse your food, then put that water to good use by watering your plants and trees with it!

There’s no denying that a cool, refreshing glass of water is extremely enjoyable, especially during the middle of summer. However, to get that cool water, many people will allow the tap to run until the water comes through cold enough, wasting any water emitted up to that point. To avoid this, fill a jug or water filter and store it in the fridge; this will ensure a cool glass of water is never out of reach and will eliminate the need to waste water too!

Leaking taps are annoying in more ways than one! Not only does the echoing drip become a constant annoyance throughout your home, but it can also waste over 5,000 litres of water each year. Replace old worn taps, or repair newer taps with life left in them using a simple spanner and a rubber washer.

Bathroom Tips with Profix Ltd

All those ‘showers use less water’ tips are certainly true, however, it takes only 8 ½ minutes in a standard shower to use the equivalent amount of water you would find in a full bath, so try to cut down on lengthy shower sessions whenever possible. If you can cut just one shower session down to no more than five minutes, you will have saved almost 50 litres of water already!

Baths sure are relaxing and luxurious, but overindulging can waste an unnecessary amount of water. When you’re bathing just for a quick wash, keep the water at a shallow level, it’s more than enough to wash and can reduce bath water usage by 50%.

Many people have a bad habit for letting the cold tap run while they brush their teeth, but did you know that this can waste up to 6 litres of water per minute? Just multiply that figure by the number of people in your home!


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